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Greenwood Property Managers Association

P.O. Box 3462

Greenwood, SC 29648


PURPOSE: A free exchange of ideas and information, to increase the knowledge of the rental market and to upgrade and improve the professionalism of Property Management. Members use a secured website for screening prospective tenants as an additional benefit of membership.

DUES: Dues for the year 2024 will be $150.00 per member/company and need to be received by January 15, 2024. Dues are the same for property managers, owners and affiliates.

Mail check, application and website policy to:

                                                    Greenwood Property Managers Association
                                                    P. O. Box 3462, Greenwood, SC 29648

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Greenwood Property Managers Association

PO Box 3462

Greenwood, SC 29648

Website use policy

The Greenwood Property Managers Association is a professional body. The Association’s website has a reference library of information relating to past tenants which is to be used by members only. It is not a “do not rent to” compilation. It can only be accessed by members when they log in and use their authorized password. Being clear with prospective tenants up front is a necessity. All members must understand that we do not say for example, “You owe Town & Country $600.00 and you are responsible for certain damages to the property.” What we must say is, as we would when discussing Credit Bureau information, “…you owe Town & Country for a past tenancy. You need to get this cleared up with them and bring us proof.” When a prospective tenant brings proof that the bad debt has been satisfied, then the member can chose to discuss with them future tenancy. As members, we are not to provide any of this information relating to past tenants to any third parties such as prospective tenants or nonmembers, and all such information shall be considered confidential and for the use and benefit of the members only. Under no circumstances, should a member provide a copy of what the website contains. We all agree not to “gossip” or to say “I heard this about this tenant…” We only deal with the facts! Each member is responsible for keeping information posted current and updated. Use of the website is a privilege, not a right. If a member is found abusing this privilege or not following these guidelines, their membership will be revoked.

Please read and sign agreement – which must accompany GPMA Membership Application along with dues

I and all members of my staff have read the Association’s website use policy and all agree to abide by it. I understand if I, or a member of my company, is found not abiding by the website use policy, my membership will be revoked.

I Agree:

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